Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alex von Furstenberg and the The Diller–von Furstenberg Family Foundation

With Alex von Furstenberg working actively with his stepfather Barry Diller, mother Diane von Furstenberg, and sister Tatiana von Furstenberg, the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation was able to provide the biggest donations ever granted to some cause-oriented projects in the United States. Proofs of these huge endowments were the $3-million gift for the new Off-Broadway home of Signature Theater Company and the $20-million donation to the High Line initiative, a public park rehabilitation project along the 1.45-mile-long elevated rail structure in Manhattan, New York.

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The Diller–von Furstenberg Family Foundation is a private family foundation that provides philanthropic support to non-profit organizations with varied causes and advocacies on community building, education, human rights, arts, health, and the environment.

As the Foundation’s secretary and director, Alex von Furstenberg was instrumental in many successful initiatives that helped non-profit institutions implement their projects and programs. Having provided people with better opportunities and sustainably improved and strengthened many communities, these efforts include afterschool programs; wages that allow social workers to reach out to more people in need; endowments to educational institutions at all levels; programs that encourage artistic literacy and individual achievement in children, and many more.

Alex von Furstenberg Image Credit:

Alex von Furstenberg Image Credit:

Since its inception in 1999, The Diller–von Furstenberg Family Foundation has already granted more than $30 million to various non-profit institutions. Today, it continues supporting a broad spectrum of sector-beneficiaries.

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